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What should I do to inform the school that my child will be late, sick or absent?

You can call the Attendance Hotline at 403-938-4426 extension 1.  You can also E-mail the school’s ATTENDANCE mailbox!

If we have not received a verbal or written confirmation of your child’s absence or late arrival, it will be recorded as INEXCUSABLE.

What time should my child be at school in the morning?

The warning bell rings at 8:30 a.m. which allows students 5 minutes to get to their first class.  Students should arrive by 8:20 a.m. in order to get in their early morning “visiting” and allow them to gather their books and be off to class when the warning bell rings.

What happens if my child’s bus does not show up?

No!  If your child’s bus is not running, the bus driver should call you to notify you of the delay or lack of transportation that day.  If you have not received a call, you can call your bus driver.  They should have given you a call number at the beginning of the year in case such an situation should arise.  You can also listen to the Eagle 100.9, 99.7 Sun Country or AM 1140 for the bus report.

How do I know if the school will be closed due to the weather?

Schools in the FSD rarely close.  The superintendent is the only person who can close a school(s) and if that need should arise, Administration will be at the school to receive and redirect any students who should arrive without notice of the closure.  Bus drivers will phone their students and notify them and all notices will be read on the Eagle 100.9, 99.7 Sun Country or AM 1140.

I would like to get informtation about bussing?

All student transportation is coordinated through the Foothills Scool Division Office.  For information regarding student transportation please follow this link – Transportation

Is there a fee for PE?

PE or gym is done using a “mill” format, where a pair of activities are offered over a three week period.  At times through the year, some of the activities may have a fee attached to them (example – Rock Climbing off campus) but the activity offered opposite this activity will have no cost associated with it.  Gym strip is mandtory but is included in the school fees.

School fees . . . when are they due and how do I pay?

Invoices for school fees are sent out at the end of September.  Any of the following methods of payment are acceptable: Cash, Cheque, Debit or VISA.  Contact Tracy Thorbjornsen This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view itif you have any questions.

Is there a School Dress Code?

Yes there is an EOJHS dress code.