Mr. Masterman


I am teaching math and science 7 and 9 this 2018-2019 year.  

I love math.  I love the logic, the thrill of getting the answer and taking it to the next level.  Math is a language, it communicates the world around us.  Anyone can be good at math, you just have to learn how to speak the language!  Math is all about practice, to get good at anything you have to practice.

My teaching philosophy is that a teacher doesn't "teach", a student learns.  My role is to guide, inspire and get kids to explore and take ownsership of their learning.

Each week I send out a class update email that contains a link to my YouTube channel and google classroom pages.


Extracurricular Activities:

- Coach Grade 7 Boys Volleyball

- Coach High Jump for track and field

- Theatre Production (We are still researching which production we will do this year)

- I run a Robotics Club at OJ.  Once volleyball is over I will have time to invite students to participate.